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Nero TuneItUp Free 2.8

Scans the PC for problems and fixes them while maintaining functionality
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Scans known parts of the Windows operating system to detect and prevent functionality errors. Improves performance by tweaking registry keys that are normally hidden from the casual user. Optimizes the problems it finds automatically or lets the user choose the tweak.

Nero TuneItUp Free makes the tedious task of removing all unnecessary and junk files, getting rid of broken registry entries, uninstalling unwanted programs, and cleaning up your browser history simple. Besides, you can use this attractive and easy tool to check for large files and folders that take up too much space on your drives, as well as switch your PC into “High-Speed Mode” to maximize your gaming performance.

Wrapped up in an attractive and colorful interface, TuneItUp Free scans your computer in search of all those temporary and junk files that programs tend to leave behind after being uninstalled or simply after performing some of their tasks. Likewise, this app detects all the traces left after browsing the Web, as well as any broken or obsolete entry on your Windows Registry. All of these unnecessary files are neatly organized into various categories – log files, temporary files, invalid uninstall entries, invalid file type associations, etc. – in order to help you decide which you want to get rid of and what others you wish to keep. Under each of these categories you will find a list with all the files, where you can tick off those you don’t want to have permanently deleted. Sometimes it’s not so easy to decide which files go and which stay – long path names on one hand and the lack of further details on the other may leave you wondering. Here is where trust comes in – rest assured that Nero TuneItUp Free will select only those files that your system can live without.

Files are deleted permanently – the program’s shredding capabilities make sure that removed files cannot be recovered, thus guaranteeing your privacy. The other two utilities not directly related to clean-up routines are equally important and easy to use. The Remove Programs tool will help you get rid of apps that insist on remaining in your system after being uninstalled or come with no clear uninstall procedure. Likewise, the Multimedia Data Manager will allow you to know which files and folders are taking up too much of your valuable disk space. Though they cannot be classified as unnecessary or junk files, some of them might be just duplicates, not so appealing to you any more, or can be moved to a different drive or storage device to free up hard disk space. One way or another, this simple utility will save you the fuss of going through all your disks and folders looking for bulky files to remove.

Comprehensive as it is, this free version of Nero’s TuneItUp can be further improved by upgrading to the Pro version. TuneItUp Free’s thorough scan offers you a bird’s eye view of what TuneItUp Pro can do for you. It gives you a summary of the actions that can be taken to improve your startup speed and your Internet speed, to optimize your Windows services, and to save power. Thus, it can advise you on which programs can be removed from the Windows startup, and which other tweaks can help you make the most of your browsing experience. As a bonus, you can perform some manual optimization tasks in order to improve your Windows settings and to update your obsolete drivers and programs. All of these utilities are available for a small yearly fee, and they are integrated into the same attractive and intuitive interface designed for the free version.

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  • Attractive and intuitive interface
  • Neatly organized clean-up tools
  • Includes a data manager to manage your disk space
  • Clearly categorized optimization issues


  • Limited information about the items to be deleted
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